5 Favorites | May

There’s nothing better than the start of summer. My wardrobe has gotten looser, my weekends are filled with the pool, and I’ve finally healed from my first (and hopefully only) sunburn of the season. Check out what I’ve been loving this month: Sunscreen It’s summer which means many of us opt to use sunscreen more … More 5 Favorites | May

I Saw God Today

I saw God today in the numerous┬áblades of vibrant green grass. Upon further inspection, the lines and grooves of each blade, so carefully designed. I saw God today in the delicate flowers planted along my walk. Though the wind blew hard, they remained. So small, yet so strong. I saw God today in the humorous … More I Saw God Today

January Blessings

Another new series (besides Favorites Each Month) I’d like to start is a round up of monthly blessings that have happened. This is a good way to reflect month to month AND to see how God’s goodness and mercy really did flow in my life, even if there were times I was blinded by opposition … More January Blessings

January Favorites

January is the beginning of the dry season, where your lips, face, elbows, heels, any sort of skin needs extra moisturizing. Because of that, my favorites this past month revolve around locking in moisture / body products that don’t dry the skin out. A trip to Pigeon Forge and a pop into the Pigeon Forge … More January Favorites