My go-to spring products

I’m going to say right off the bat – I am not a beauty blogger nor a fashion blogger, not even Instagram famous. It’s just me and this baby of a blog Posibody (which I hope you’re all enjoying).

I don’t have a 10-step skincare routine. I don’t spend exorbitant amounts of money on skincare, but try to test out products on my skin that may benefit the look and feel of it. You probably do the same, which is why there’s a whole network of women sharing what they love for their skin.

For me, skin health is more important than makeup and eyeshadows. My goal is to walk around fresh-faced without a stitch of makeup on, feeling flawless. Until that day, though, I use a few makeup products as well that I’d love to share with you below. They’re all under $30 so they won’t break the bank for us girls who would rather travel and have experiences than a drawer full of products:

Morning routine

washWhen my skin flared up terribly my senior year of college, I turned to loads of products that only seemed to make my skin worse. Enter Simple. No fuss cleaners and moisturizers that had all-natural ingredients and no perfumes or dyes. It truly healed my skin and I’m forever grateful. I use the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash morning and night.




MoisturizerAfter the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash, I’ll put on my Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF 15. This moisturizer/sunscreen duo is the only one that doesn’t make my sensitive skin flare up or make it super oily. 





BrowvoA few months ago, I had my eyebrows threaded. Worst. Decision. Of. My. Life. My eyebrow hairs started falling out and I had patches of missing brow hair! I thought this was how my life was going to go – I would have to heavily pencil in my brows to get any sort of definition. Then, I went to Ulta to get my eyebrows waxed and that’s when I was introduced to Benefit Cosmetics Browvo! Conditioning Primer Nutrient-Rich Eyebrow Primer. It’s said to help your brow hair grow and, GUYS!, it totally did. My brows are thicker, darker and I can actually leave the house without pencil on my brows! One of the best products I’m using, to be honest.


Nighttime routine


This winter, I discovered OGX Argan Oil of Morocco shampoos and conditioners. I decided to give them a try because the winter always made my hair dry and frizzy. This shampoo and conditioner combo are heaven-sent. I’ve never seen my hair look this good in the winter (and all seasons, really). If you’re in the market for a new duo, check these affordable options out.



OlayAfter I get out of the shower, I treat my skin with the moisturizing Olay Age Defying Classic Night Cream Face Moisturizer. It makes my skin feel soft, look bright and has actually reduced the fine lines that are trying to show up on my forehead. I may try out the Simple Night Cream, though, to see how it stacks up with Olay. Would y’all be interested in me testing that out? Let me know in the comments!




Just started using this product. I love all of the Burt’s Bees products but this Foot Cream. Y’all. New level. After just one use, my feet were soft, hydrated and felt amazing. Definitely use this in the nighttime and put socks on your feet or, like me, you’ll spend your first time hanging your feet off the couch waiting for them to air dry (and it takes a while).


 Makeup products

I keep my makeup routine quick and easy (especially in the warmer months). Two products are all I use for my everyday face, unless I’m going makeup free.

bb cream


If you have redness to your skin, you need the L’Oreal® Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. It’s a lightweight product that evens out skin tone without clogging your skin. I immediately saw a difference with just one day of use. Also, it lasts from office to home. If you’re going out, I would reapply just a smidgen if needed on my cheeks (but those are the most red on me). Works for under eye circles, too, actually.






Even though Benefit Cosmetics saved my brow hairs, I still fill them in when I’m in meetings or just want a little extra oomph to my brows. I’ve tried BC’s brow powder, but I’m more of a pencil girl. This one does the job. Little to no fallout of product and lasts the whole work day.





Those are all the products I’m using this spring! Which ones are you loving? If you have suggestions for products I should try out, let me know!




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