God’s view on women

“All the women whose hearts stirred them to use their skill spun the goats’ hair.” Exodus 35:26

At first glance, this may be a peculiar verse to meditate on, but it actually reveals a sliver of the God’s view of women.

This verse comes from the passage in Exodus where everyone contributed to the Lord for the Tabernacle that was to be built. God Almighty, holy and without blemish, wanted to have His spirit live among the Israelites, His chosen people. This is, I think, a peek into what it would be like when Jesus would walk the earth. It shows God wants a relationship with His people and He will go through any means necessary to show up and love those He created.

But when it came to bringing things together for the Tabernacle, it wasn’t just men who were called. The Lord didn’t say, “Hey, Moses, I want men to give. The women can stay home.”

On the contrary, He called everyone because He desires relationship with everyone, male and female because both were created equally in His image. (Genesis 1:27)

So, then, it shouldn’t be a surprise that God cared about stirring women’s hearts, too, to do His work, to honor Him.

And, guess what? He still does.

He cared for women thousands of years ago, showing that He called women to do amazing things, just like He called men. Remember Deborah, Esther, Ruth, Mary, and Phoebe – ordinary women called to do amazing things in their communities that had a ripple effect on their world.

If Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever as the Bible says (Hebrews 13:8), then His message of calling women to be strong, wise and capable is the same. He cares for you and me.

This world may shout out a different message, that we’re weak, unable to accomplish big things . The world may compare us to men but to God, there is no comparison because the Lord doesn’t show favoritism. (Romans 2:11)

Let this be a reminder to you today: The Lord sees you, my sister. He knows the stirrings of your heart. He knows your dreams, your goals and your desires. He wants to help you have a life that’s richly blessed with people, love and kindness.

So, whatever stirring you have in your heart, whatever goal that you see has been set before you, go at it with all your might. The Lord is watching over you.


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