February Book Club *Spoilers*

Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday in February as we all know. Everything is pink and red, stuffed animals and roses abound. So, naturally, I wanted to read a chic-lit. Something light-hearted and fun.

Knowing Candace Bushnell also penned the highly-successful “Sex & the City,” I decided to read one of her other books, “Lipstick Jungle” for the month of February.

Lipstick Jungle

It was, without a doubt, one of the worst books I ever read. I finished it solely because I finish what I start.

The recurring thought I had while flipping through the pages and cringing every 20 minutes was, “How did THIS become a New York Times Bestseller?!”

Just a few of the annoying parts of this book:

1. When billionaire Victor Matrick says to movie producer Wendy, “Let’s play ball!” Wendy thinks, “No, Victor. Let’s play Barbies.” (real line in the book) Someone needs to tell Bushnell that women actually do play ball: softball, tennis, volleyball, golf, etc. Why would a female author pen such a stereotypical line? It’s as if she’s saying women in the corporate world and in general don’t or rather, can’t play ball, that it’s too masculine.
2. The women’s texts to each other. I suppose they’re too busy being critical of men every 5 pages they don’t have time to properly spell out words like the supposed educated women they are.
3. When (married) Nico is hooking up with the male model for the first time, she thinks “Wow, I’m really having a great time.” This is 110% a true line in the book. I cringed and almost threw it against the wall.
4. Fashion designer Victory Ford is in a jewelry store, thinking about a conversation she had with her billionaire bf – how women never make billions. She, ultimately, gets mad at him for his matter-of-fact and quite true opinion. Maybe you’d be a billionaire, Victory, if you weren’t seriously contemplating buying a $25k piece of jewelry because you thought you “deserved it” AND THEN getting drunk a few chapters ahead and telling your fashion line buyer (who could make you a billionaire) that he could go to Hell.

5. The main characters were just so bland. Nico has an affair and never ends up telling her husband. Wendy, it turns out, bought her husband’s love and is never actually home to raise her children, but all of a sudden is appalled when her husband wants full custody. You’re married to work and your children are your movies, Wendy. Get ahold of yourself. And then there’s Victory, a girl who got a few bad reviews for one of her fashion shows and then five chapters later is suddenly getting bought out by a multi-billion-dollar company. She screws that up by the drunk scene I’ve outlined in point #4. But, oh, no true consequences for her unprofessional behavior: another company buys her line and she ends up on billboards.

They’re all terrible people who use any inconvenience to complain that men never have to deal with such inconveniences. If you want to lose a few brain cells, read this book.

I’m in the middle of March’s book, which I gotta say, is world’s better than this one.

What are you currently reading?


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