Your good intentions can block blessings

You all know the debacle I’ve dealt with since December 2017.

While I’m driving around in my new car, this blessing almost didn’t happen.

The fact I thought and desperately wanted to handle this on my own, on my terms and schedule, is a testament that my good intentions – my want to be independent, responsible, to take care of my own mess – almost blocked this blessing (in this case, a new, reliable, safer car).

Have you ever gone through this?

A situation or problem pops up that you think you know how to handle and how it will play out, then that little whisper in your head says “Hey, you need to lean on your community” or “Hey, you need to take your friend up on that offer” or “Hey, you need to rest within the mess.”

You thought you’d handle business on your own, but God’s calling you to humble yourself and ask for help, ultimately easing the burden and stress of decisions that seem to come all at once.

Maybe you’re pinching pennies this month and your friend who’s in town wants to get coffee or dinner with you. Anxiety rises as you calculate your skeletal bank account. You can do one of two things 1) tell them you’re busy or 2) tell them your situation. The second is really uncomfortable because we all have this pressure on us to look like we have everything together. Is that friend going to accept you as you are or think you’re a loser? But chances are, when a true friend hears of your financial situation (or any situation for that matter), they make a point to be there for you whether it’s coming over your house so you don’t have to spend money or covering your half of the meal.

Either way, not telling your friend would block the blessing of seeing them!

Our good intentions of wanting to have everything picture perfect (or close to it), sometimes blocks the blessings of what God Almighty can do in the midst of our messes. He makes a way when there’s no way, but how can we see that way if we don’t say “God, I need help”? How can we see God’s strength in our lives if we’re too wrapped up in our own?

We can’t. It doesn’t work that way. Only when we humble ourselves, when we get real and admit some situations in life are just too big for us to handle on our own, do we get to see the promises of God fulfilled, only then do we experience His perfect peace, only then do we feel His presence.

What’s a situation you know is too big for you to handle on your own that you could fully give to God and His will so you can see Him move?

The Lord is with you. He’s fighting for you. You need to only be still.



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