The Road to Confidence

It’s not easy sometimes.

Walking through life and trying not to pick up and carry with us the negativity others throw our way.

The underlying insults, the ones we don’t realize are actually insults until we get home and they rattle around in our brains.

Little by little they chip away at our confidence until we mistaken humility with a lack of confidence. We walk around wounded thinking we’re being meek when really we don’t think we can do the great things people commend us for, the things God calls us to.

What will they think of me?

Who am I to speak up?

I can’t change anything. I’m just “little ol’ me”.

No one will listen to me.

Will they think me a hypocrite?

These are just some of the questions and comments that have swirled in my head ever since the Lord gave me the idea to start this blog.

“Surely not me, Lord. I’m an introvert at heart and am only versed in a few Scriptures.”

God doesn’t care what our excuses are. He’ll use the Holy Spirit to rattle through our brains and prick our hearts until we gulp down our insecurities, take hold of His hand and walk with Him to the unknown.

And, as we move along, the Lord shows us we actually are capable of doing the seemingly difficult.

So, what is it you’re struggling to start or continue something you feel called to do? Are you lacking confidence? How is it effecting you?


*Featured image: philhearing


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