Do You Know You’re Already Qualified?

Have you ever been given a bigger project than what you normally had tackled in the past?

Have you ever been promoted to a position where, seemingly, you felt in over your head?

Have you ever been looked to as a leader in something and felt like you should be the LAST person people look to for direction?

You’re not alone.

Many people in the Bible were called to great things well beyond their capabilities, but because God qualified them by calling them and worked through them, they accomplished those great works.

Take Moses for instance.

Have you ever read his conversation with the Lord? It’s just a bunch of verses of him giving excuses as to why he’s not the best leader God could pick.

But God didn’t need the best. All He needed was a willing heart.

How about Esther? An orphan Jewess raised by her cousin, taken to the palace and made queen. A plot is formed against her people by one of the king’s main men. She’s now tasked with the challenge of going to the king (uninvited) to put a plan in motion that, ultimately, saves her people.

She could’ve backed out. She could’ve sat back and hoped someone else would come to the Jews’ rescue. But God didn’t call someone else. He qualified her.

What has God called you to that you think would be best for someone with “better qualifications”?

I wonder how many times I’ve fretted and talked myself out of doing what the Lord placed on my heart to do: buy coffee for someone I didn’t like, give a $5 and a “Jesus loves you!” to a homeless person, sign up for that mission trip, write that Biblically-based blog post.

I would hope God would forgive me for those times I was slow in action but quick to disqualify myself.

Remember: If God has called you, He’s already qualified you. He’s already made the lane He wants you in fertile for your gifts, talents and abilities.

Let’s not talk ourselves out of any more Gospel work, but instead run the race set before us with the faith and knowledge that no matter our age, race, status or job title, we are QUALIFIED because we have been CALLED.


*Featured Image: Andrew


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