5 Blessings | June

Summer is going by WAY too quickly, y’all. The days seem to just tick on by. Can someone please slow down time?!

Here’s some of the things I’ve been thankful for this month:

Le Boyf’s Family

The girls and I decided to order pizza by the pool. Best idea ever

This month, I got to spend some quality time with J’s sisters. They’re 16 and 10, the ages where they’re really learning who they are and what they want out of life. We had a sleepover and talked, laughed, swam and ate way too many sweets and carbs. But it was so worth it to see them happy and going home with the feeling they had an awesome time. They’ve quickly become like the little sisters I never had, and for them, I’m grateful.

Iced coffee

Iced coffee
All I need today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus

I always get flack from J for liking iced coffee but in the summertime, there’s no other wake-me-up way to get my day going. How people drink hot coffee in the summer (looking at you, mom), I’ll never know. Iced is the way to go. So, in this season, you’ll find me poolside with this by my side.

Private events 

Oak Steakhouse
Oak Steakhouse, Nashville

It’s always fun getting invited to preview this restaurant or that art gallery or get a behind-the-scenes tour of attractions in Tennessee. It’s especially fun when J comes along with me. We had an awesome time at Oak Steakhouse during their Thursday preview party. Made some memories, sampled a cocktail or two, had some amazing shrimp and other bites. I always feel so privileged and blessed I can experience what I can.

Morning devotions

Every morning (except on days when it rains), J and I meet to do a few minutes of devotions. We read Our Daily Bread and then spend some time encouraging one another, goofing off and genuinely spending some great time together. It’s a wonderful way to start the day and I’m so blessed I date a man who’s hungry for the things of the Lord.

Wonderful coworkers

Lee (she served Tennessee for 40 years!) and me. We’re already planning our trip to London 🙂

This month, my office and I celebrated Lee’s service to Tennessee and its citizens. She’s retiring at the end of June, so it was great to have a meal with her and show her the appreciation she deserves. Lee is one of those coworkers who encouraged me, told me I was a great writer when I needed to hear it most and is just a positive, bright light in this world. She has plans to travel and has expressed multiple times she and I need to go to London together (it’d be a BLAST!). She’ll be missed, but I know she’ll have the opportunity to spread her light to other parts of this big world.


What were you thankful for this month?


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