5 Favorites | May

There’s nothing better than the start of summer. My wardrobe has gotten looser, my weekends are filled with the pool, and I’ve finally healed from my first (and hopefully only) sunburn of the season. Check out what I’ve been loving this month:


Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen

It’s summer which means many of us opt to use sunscreen more often. However, sunscreen should be worn every day no matter the weather/season. I opt for the Neutrogena Clear Face sunscreen because my skin is sensitive and prone to breakouts. The formula is a bit more liquid than I would’ve originally chosen, but I’ve learned you also don’t need much. A dab of product and it covers your face quickly.

Floppy hat

Merona floppy hat - Target

Don’t you just love the summer vibes I’m bringing to this post? Along with sunscreen, I’m obsessed with this striped floppy hat by Merona. Swiped it up at Target and I love it. It goes great with my bathing suit and brings my poolside fashion up a notch.

Living room addition

Living room rug

I’m in the process of redoing my living room. I’ve found if you start with one piece of inspiration, like this Safavieh Daley Power-Loomed Shag Area Rug, everything else seems to just come together. My tastes have changed since I’ve moved apartments. I’m now on the hunt for copper, gold, greys, blushes…any and every color that exudes rest and relaxation.

Verse reminders


Chalkboards are great for reminders: to-list, chores, appointments, etc. But, what about dedicating one solely for a Bible verse? I have this one near my front door so I can see it every chance I get. This is the current verse I’ve scribbled onto it, and I gotta tell you: when my brain seems to just not want to stop swirling with worries and stresses, my eyes turn here and I read it til I feel a bit better. You can find a similar one here.

Summer events

Summer events

Nashville is BY FAR the best city to live in during summertime. Concerts in the park, music festivals, cultural festivals, food events, I could go on and on about all the great events this city puts on. The latest one I experienced was China Lights (in town only until June 11). It’s a walk-through celebration of China art and folklore told through LED displays. Check it out if you have time!

What were you loving this month?


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