5 Blessings in May

May has welcomed my 27th year, a bit of travel, pool days and a better car mechanic. It’s brought a realization of bad habits (more on that later), and the realization of God’s grace that He lavishes on us because of what Jesus did for us. That in itself is a blessing that outmatches all others, but here are some other things I’ve been particularly thankful for:

Great Smoky Mountains

smoky mountains
View from my bedroom at Parkway Vista

Before my birthday, I spent two days with journalists in the Smoky Mountains. The Thursday night reception featured jumbo cocktail shrimp and a piano guy who played not only ‘Beauty and the Beast’ but ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and ‘Music of the Night’. Friday was met with tours of Sevierville, Alacatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge and a good day at Dollywood. Great kick-off to my birthday.

Birthday celebration

birthday celebration
Left to right: Tim, Greta, me, Le Boyf, Lauren & Mike at Up Lounge

My birthday is May 15. And I got back into town Saturday, May 13. The next day, Le Boyf took me to Kay Jewelers and basically made sure I was dripping in my birthstone: emerald. The next day was my actual birthday, so after work a few of my friends and their husbands, Le Boyf and I started the night at Up Lounge with cocktails and laughs; then, went to Sambuca for some of the best food I’ve ever eaten and jazz music. The jazz singer sang Ella Fitzgerald songs (per my request) while we ate and I actually got Le Boyf to spin me around in a dance for a few minutes. It was a spectacular evening.

Pool Days 

pool days
You’ll find me at the pool all summer. Promise.

Ahh, summer! It’s felt like it since the end of April to be honest (looking at you, southern heat), but the pool at my apartment complex is FINALLY open! You know as soon as I made this discovery I threw on a swimsuit, packed a bag of sunscreen, a book and coffee and spent about four hours reading, tanning and swimming when I got a bit overheated. That day resulted in sunburn, so I’m not there today, but once my skin heals, you’ll find me there every weekend.

Pow’r of Your Love song

We sang this song a lot in the church where I grew up. Fast forward a couple Sundays ago, and Parkway Baptist Church in Smyrna had it in their repertoire. Flashbacks from my childhood came in rapid fire. But, this time, as I sang the lyrics, I got a bit choked up. It’s amazing how God will plant a seed in your younger years only to remind you:

As I wait, I’ll rise up like the eagle

and I will soar with You,

Your Spirit leads me on

In the pow’r of Your love”


Simply put, when I don’t feel like I can take another step, the Lord reminds me to be thankful and keep going because He will provide. He always has and He always will. Sometimes I don’t head the Holy Spirit’s instruction to be still and wait on the Lord, and that’s when things tend to blow up: at work, in my relationship, my attitude, etc. But when I stay close to Jesus, He’s got a way of making everything alright. You just have to keep going.


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