5 Favorites | April

Yes, I know I’m a tad late with this one (okay, a lot late), but I really felt the need to share last week’s post first. Just how it is sometimes.

May is already looking to be a great month (hello, birthday month!), but April was good, too.

Here’s what I was loving in April:

Caribbean Villa 

Caribbean Villa

I’m loving Walmart’s $5 candle selection! It may be small for now, but I can always find at least one each time I look that fills my apartment with delicious scents. This one is going to be a staple all summer, I can tell.

Photo Wall

Photo Wall

I did this little project back in March. Never one for hanging personal memories on my walls, I’ve now changed my heart about it. There’s just something about seeing faces of people you love every day that instantly lifts your mood. It warms my heart.

Morning walks

Morning Walks

Aside from the mile runs Le Boyf and I do every day after work, we also walk before work as well. We’ll go to Bicentennial Mall State Park or Public Square Park just to clear our heads before the day’s beginning. It’s in these moments that I feel refreshed, ready to take on the day. And, I’ve found that, since he’s the first I talk to and see every day, I go into work with a more positive attitude, a lighter heart.

Essie – Fashion Playground 

Fashion Playground Essie

As soon as April hits, you can find me gravitating toward bright, bold summer colors for my nails. This blue to me seems more calm (which is what I need currently), but also makes me happy whenever I glance at my nails. I find I need a second coat, sometimes third and then by 1 week 1/2 I have to do some touch-ups. Small price to pay for cute nails, though.

Sunday Adventures

Le Boyf and I have been doing this thing where Friday-Saturday are super chill, but once Sunday rolls around, we go to church, get food, change into workout clothes and explore a state park, recreation park or, like a few Sundays ago, a national battlefield in the area. It’s an opportunity for us to make some memories, spend quality time and enjoy something new. The couple who explores together, stays together ❤



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