5 April Blessings

This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Death has a way of slowing everything down and making you wish you could just crawl into bed and never leave.

Then you pray.

You cling to Psalm 34:18. The Lord isn’t just near to the brokenhearted, He strengthens us.

So, in this season of mourning, my eyes have been opened to just how blessed I am to have who I have and what I have:


This month, we celebrated Easter and what a beautiful day it was in Rutherford County, Tennessee! From a church service that literally made me shout to a great time with Le Boyf’s wonderful family, it was definitely an Easter to remember this year. Today and every day I’m thankful for the forgiveness and salvation found in Jesus Christ, but Easter is always a heavy yet beautiful reminder He not only died for our sin, but rose again to give us eternal life in Him.

Great Friends

Especially in a time where my heart’s sad, I’m so blessed to have such great friends. Take Alisa, for example. I had one of the best days of my life in 2017 at her adorable farm with her fun parents.

Alisa and me

Horseback riding, playing with chickens, and exploring the grounds were definitely needed to get a lighter heart and a positive attitude.

Then there’s my friend Greta who’s always there via text/call/girl’s night/whatever. We support each other and she’s definitely become a friend who’ll do life with you in every phase, every change, every up and down.

I have friends in different countries, states and Tennessee counties, but no matter the distance, the love is felt. I’m a blessed girl.



I heard the bad news this past week while on a trip. It was so hard, but I found comfort in traveling, in continuing to experience new things even while back at my second home in Jersey, it was far from ideal.

I’ll never not be grateful for travel.

It’s an escape from everyday life but it also has a way of changing you for the better, teaching you to not let anything derail you from soaking up at least something new while you journey.

As soon as I got home Sunday – and it was so good to be home (Nashville) – Le Boyf was there to welcome me with open arms per usual.

Work events

I get to do some pretty cool stuff at my job.

Madame Tussauds fun
Madame Tussauds Nashville grand opening

From grand openings to induction ceremonies with music royalty, to concerts and festivals, I get to cover a wealth of things happening across the state. Not many people can say that about their 9-to-5, but I am thankful for mine. All the events can get a little crazy sometimes but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want it to end.


Godly Inspiration


Have you heard of Elevation Church in North Carolina? Pastor Steven Furtick is, hands down, one of my favorite preachers in this generation. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything which this Jersey girl appreciates! He also presents the Gospel as it’s written, not as what he wishes it were written. Not only is his preaching on fire, but Elevation Worship has been blessing my spirit this month (psst…one of my 5 Favorites this month!)

Check Furtick out if you haven’t, and if you’re looking for some awesome worship, check out Elevation Worship.


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