How’d you meet?

Le Boyf and I will celebrate our one-year dating anniversary March 19. To celebrate, all this month I’ll be reflecting on our relationship. Today’s topic: How we met

“Hey, Siri. Find me a boyfriend”

It was a feeling that something was going to happen. A whisper in my ear that it wouldn’t be long until I met the man I was supposed to date.

I prayed about it constantly.

There were plenty of guys both in my past and present who could be in the running, but month by month, they all fell off the map until I found myself alone on my couch, warm and cozy with a candle burning on my coffee table, sometime in late February-early March.

“Sign up for OkCupid,” a voice suddenly said.

I balked and shook my head, walking to the kitchen.

But it persisted.

I ignored it until it felt like the voice was screaming in my head.

“ALRIGHT!” I yelled to the ceiling. “This is stupid. He’s not on there,” I sighed as I signed up.

“I’m giving it a month. That’s it, Lord,” I said vehemently. “If nothing happens within a month, I’m done and I’m content with being single forever.”

As soon as I signed on, a message popped up.

Cute guy. Foreign. His opening line was a joke. “Okay, so he’s funny.” I messaged him back.

20 minutes later, I found out he was 21 (way too young) and living in Australia.

“That’s never going to happen,” I said, rolling my eyes, but still keeping up the conversation because he was a genuinely interesting person.

Another message popped up.

“Hey, how are you?”

“What?” I squinted at the message, hovering my finger over the X. After the creative opening line of Guy #1, I was ready to show Guy #2 the door.

Until I saw his profile.

A Christian guy who was into fitness and his favorite Disney movie was Tangled?! “Oh my gosh, he’s so cute!” I squealed and messaged him back.

Within 2 minutes, he had me cracking up.

I asked his name. He told me.

I whispered it aloud. I smiled.

We talked through the night.

The Others

Two additional guys sent me messages: A Frenchman (who turned out to be a real-life Gaston, I kid you not) and a guy (we’ll call him B) who knew how to keep a conversation going.

While sending them messages, I continued texting the guy (we’ll call him L) whose name I whispered to myself the night before.

B and I met for a drink at Acme Feed & Seed in downtown Nashville. L kept texting me and I kept answering back while on the date. I quickly realized L was the one I wanted to be with, not B.

B and I finished the date. He asked me to coffee the next day and being the girl who doesn’t like to reject anyone, I went.

That coffee was the symbolic nail in the coffin.

There wasn’t any chemistry, especially when L’s messages were vibrating in my pocket, making my heart skip a beat every time.

The Meeting

“Do you want to meet up?” L texted.

My heart went to my throat. I squealed.

“Like a date?” I was skeptical, guarded.

He was still a stranger, a millennial guy.

What if he was just wanting to be friends and I was getting my hopes up all for our conversations to be simple, fun banter to him?

Every second felt like an hour.

“Yes,” he responded.

I threw my phone and did a little jig in my room.

“Sure! When were you thinking?”

We discussed logistics.

It would be a full two weeks before we could meet because I had to leave town and we wanted to meet on a Friday because he worked nights and confession, we were already planning dates 2-3 before having our first date.

March 18, 2016

I had butterflies in my stomach the whole day. Work couldn’t go fast enough.

As soon as 4:30 p.m. hit, I was out the door and headed to my apartment. I don’t know why I was in such a rush. I had an hour 1/2 until I met him.

Like any responsible woman does before a date, I evaluated the caterpillars over my eyes. These eyebrows needed to be waxed pronto. I had a good feeling about L and I wasn’t about to let fuzzy brows ruin my confidence.

Off I went.

Brows waxed and back home, I got ready.

“Alright. Lipstick, check. Purse, check. Deodorant/perfume, check. Keys, –”

“No. Where are my keys!?!”

I checked my 750 square-foot apartment. They were nowhere to be found.

I stopped from checking my room again. I prayed.

“Check the trash,” a little voice said.*

“Please. They aren’t in the trash. They have to be around here somewhere!” I said to myself as I checked my room again.

“What are you doing?” My little brother, who was living with me at the time, came into my room.

“A, have you seen my keys?!” I asked.

He shook his head.

I texted L that I would be a bit late as I had lost my keys.

It was 6:10 p.m. I was already 10 minutes late!

I walked into the living room.

“A, this date is really important to me. Can you please drive me to Pinewood Social?”

A, as all protective brothers do, asked me about him and I hurriedly told him a few details.

“Okay, fine.”

I texted L letting him know I was on my way.

20 minutes later L and I were seated across each other, sharing fried broccoli, talking about anything and everything.

The Day My Life Changed

We finished dinner and decided to walk to the pedestrian bridge.

I couldn’t tell if he liked me. He would look at me and in his eyes, I could see him calculating something. Maybe he’s trying to figure out if I like him, I thought.

But he was standing so far away from me. He wasn’t trying to hold my hand or anything! Maybe he just wants to go really slow, I thought, being so used to other guys getting cuddly as if we had been dating forever.

Maybe he’s really not interested, I thought. Then, he’d look at me and smile. Oh, he’s totally into me, I inwardly smiled.

We talked some more and then made our way to Acme Feed & Seed to get a drink, hang out and continue our conversation.

We laughed with some visitors from Syracuse who knew how to party.

“Hold onto this one,” the guy from Syracuse told L. “She’s pretty.”

L and I went up to the bar for another drink.

It was there he kissed me. Though he’ll tell you I kissed him, he totally made the first move.

We left Acme walking hand-in-hand.

A True Love Story

Making our way back to Pinewood Social where L’s car was parked, we took the path running through Ascend Amphitheater. He stopped suddenly, my arm straight behind me. I turned to look at him and he pulled me to him.

He kissed me.

If my life ever felt like a fairytale, it was in that moment.

That was the moment he wasn’t just another guy. That this thing, this spark (if you want to call it that) would fan into a wonderful flame making me feel safe, protected, home.

It’s been a full year since that moment with many more sweet ones saturating the last 365 days.

I can’t truthfully say the year hasn’t been one of growth and personal maturing, but it’s been done in love with a man who loves me so much, it makes me weep if I meditate on it.

God’s still writing our story, but if the first year is a testament to the sheer beauty of His handiwork, I can confidently say this next year and the years after that will be so darn good.



*ALWAYS listen to the little voice in your head/heart. My keys were, as a matter of fact, in the trash; I found them the morning after. Thank GOD Alan didn’t take the trash out that day!



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