January Blessings

Another new series (besides Favorites Each Month) I’d like to start is a round up of monthly blessings that have happened. This is a good way to reflect month to month AND to see how God’s goodness and mercy really did flow in my life, even if there were times I was blinded by opposition or attitude.

Had my first New Year’s kiss

All those teenage years of pining after people who weren’t right for me at all have led me to a mature, responsible, overwhelmingly loving man. With that, came my very first New Year’s Eve kiss (everyone together: “Awww”) and I’m so thankful he was my first.

New apartment


January was met with packing and moving to a new apartment. While the actual process was stressful (and I learned a lot which I’ll talk about in another post), it all came together in the end. The movers were $200 less than I thought, the place is gorgeous (hardwood floors, spacious kitchen, soaking tub), and I’ve slept like a rock ever since I moved in! Would you guys like me to do a tour?

Money is tight

Photo credit: Tax Credits, Flickr Creative Commons

You may think this is a terrible thing. “Amanda, how can you think this as a blessing?!” Before you start a GoFundMe for my life, let me explain: There have been times when the Lord has given and the Lord has taken away from me to teach me the only way I get through life is through Him and His DAILY mercy. When you have tight finances, when you can’t see tomorrow’s outcome, much less today’s, you find yourself living out what Jesus said about concerning ourselves with today because it has enough troubles of its own (Matthew 6). I suppose God Almighty wanted to teach me that, while it’s a new year, He’s the same providing Father and I need to look to Him to sustain me, not myself.

Got to see “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder


This Broadway show is HILARIOUS! I had the opportunity to see it opening night at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and, while I had to battle sleepiness the next day, it was all worth it! There’s a twist in the story at intermission and towards the end of the show. It’s fast-paced, incredibly funny and highly entertaining. If it’s coming to your area, I suggest you get tickets to see it for yourself!

Tried a new Thai restaurant


Very rarely will I go to a restaurant one night and then the next day crave the same meal. However, Le Boyf and I went to Thida Thai this past Monday and I’ve been craving the chicken curry and sushi ALL WEEK. If you’re in the Smyrna, Tennessee area and haven’t been to Thida, do yourself a favor and sit down for a meal. You won’t regret it.

Was gifted an orange peeler


Some may question what an orange peeler is, others may tell me to just use my fingernails. To both, I say this: You only have to use an orange peeler once for it to completely transform how you approach citrus. Dramatic? Maybe. True? Absolutely. A coworker and I got to talking one day about the magic that is the orange peeler. Another coworker said it looked like a crochet needle. The next day, my pro-orange-peeler coworker gifted me one (she had bought 10 from Amazon. Dedication!). It’s the best, simplest gift ever.

Let me know what YOU are thankful for that happened this month 🙂

Featured image credit: Tax Credits, Flickr Creative Commons 


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