A Prayer for this Election Day

Lord God,

We humble ourselves today as a nation.

The past year has brought out the worst in us, neighbor against neighbor, brother against sister, divided by race and political views.

But, Jesus, when there’s a storm, You’re right there with us (Mark 4), reaffirming Your love for us even when we’re too busy firing off comments on the internet back and forth to each other; singing Your peace even when we’re fighting each other in the streets; holding us closely even when our mouths are spewing hate.

Forgive us, Jesus, as a nation for how we’ve acted, turning on each other instead of coming together in love and brother/sisterhood regardless of race or opinions. We’ve magnified the mistakes of others when You warn us to take the plank out of our own eye (Matthew 7:5). We’ve judged, demonized, and ridiculed blindly as we don’t know the heart of a person like You do. We don’t have all the information like You do. We walk this life many times unassuming of the evil that is so crafty and convincing.

Lord, soften our hearts. Let us not tear down the one You’ve placed in power these next four years, but let us, as a country, as Christians raise up this leader in prayer and petition, asking You to lead him or her with Your grace, peace, mercy, and righteousness.

Let us always render to the government what is owed (Mark 12:17), and teach us continually what it means to live sacrificially, turning our eyes to You, God Almighty, as You focus our eyes to those who are less fortunate. Craft and mold in us a servant’s heart.

We plead the blood of Jesus Christ over our nation, our Congress, our president, our local government officials, our police officers, teachers, parents and everyone else who possesses a leadership role either in the public or private.

It is only in Jesus Christ’s Name we pray, the Name above every name, that at the Name of Jesus Christ every knee will bow and every tongue will confess He, and He alone, is Lord. It is in the righteous, powerful Name of Jesus we pray,




*Featured photo: Michael Kumm


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