Just Do It

What’s God called you to do?

I don’t mean “What’s God called you to do 20 years from now?”, “What’s God called you to do when you ‘get it together’?”, “What’s He called you to do after high school, college, this job experience?”


What’s God called you to do RIGHT NOW?

A bunch of us, myself included, get our focus on the big possibilities of the future and miss the beauty of what God’s called us to today.

We’re apt to hear about the big calling God has for us in a third world country, but we gripe and complain about the process, pain and development of our character He has called us to today.

We get hype about the deliverance of a bad habit, actually thinking God will do it eventually (the future), instead of believing and declaring Jesus Christ has broken that habit today.

We don’t love, encourage, write a blog post, preach, pray, read our Bibles, FELLOWSHIP WITH THE LORD today.

Maybe tomorrow.

But if we sit and think about it, do we want our lives to be about tomorrow?

Sounds foolish since God has only given us today. We don’t know if we’ll even breathe tomorrow, that’s why it’s so important to make our breaths count today.

Love that person who’s hard to love right now.

Encourage that person who’s forgotten they’re valued and loved by their Creator.

Write that blog post that’ll stoke a fire for Christ in someone (even if that someone is you).


Pray. Please pray. Our world needs prayers of God’s redeemed people.

Read your Bible. Get the Lord’s Word so deep into your soul, you breathe out what HE says instead of the lies the world throws at you with the underlying message: “you’re not good enough if…”

Fellowship with the Lord while He may be found. (Isaiah 55:6)

Feel free to plan for tomorrow. But realize that while we plan, it’s the Lord who orders our steps.

What is God calling you to do?

You may be in a school where you feel like you don’t belong.

You may be in a job where you’re taken advantage of, treated as “less than”.

You may be in a situation where you have no idea how it’ll turn out.

He’s calling you to trust Him. Trust Him with your very life.

If you trust Him enough for the security of your eternal life, then why do you not trust Him with your today?

Do whatever it is God’s called you to do.

If it’s picking the kids up from soccer practice, do it. If it’s checking out items at a grocery store, do it. If it’s staying anonymous in a job while the Lord prepares your heart and character for the next step in your mission for Christ, do it.

Get humble.

Stay hungry for the things of God.

And just do it.




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