If you’re single, do this

Y’all know I love my single people.

For the greater part of 25 years, I was single. And through that period, God’s used me to uplift and encourage my fellow singles, and has opened my heart to encouragement, too.

One word has been on my heart recently:


I know it’s hard. I know you have forces on all sides telling you to lower your standards, be easy, settle, change YOU in order to find love, that you’re not good enough as you are for somebody to love.

Let me tell you right now, those are all lies.

You are good enough. You’re better than good. You’re fantastic!

Don’t you dare lower your standards. Don’t you dare find yourself in a stranger’s bed, thinking that’ll be a door to love.

Just wait.

While you wait, do some personal discovery. Find out what YOU want, what YOU want your life to look like, what makes YOU happy.

When you figure that out, chase it.

Chase your passions. Follow your dreams.

I know that sounds super Disney, but it’s true.

You have to learn to be happy with you, to learn to be your own best friend and love yourself before you expect another who’s not blood or God to love you.

When a girl or guy does come into your life, you’ll learn new things: like how to trust, learn about insecurities that may be hidden, how to silence your insecurities (and eventually defeat them), how to keep your past in your past and love the person in your present, and a whole plethora of other things.

However, in this season of singleness, wait.

Wait for that person who gets excited to see you and misses you as soon as you part for the night.

Wait for that person who spurs you on to be your best self.

Wait for that person who is an ADULT and doesn’t use words like “adulting” and “all the feels” (dear God, forgive us for these).

Wait for that person who speaks to your soul.

Wait for that person who looks at you and tells you you’re the most beautiful person in the world.

Wait for that person who desires to give you nothing but the best.

Wait for that person who sees you as nothing short of a blessing from God.

Wait for someone who sees your WORTH.

The greatest disservice you can do yourself, your heart and your well-being is to be with someone who takes you for granted, who cheats, who plays with your heart, who plays mind games.

Stay away from those people. They are insecure, controlling, deceitful people who try to extinguish light.

But you shine bright, darling. Keep shining and someone will notice and be attracted, not intimidated.

Stay strong.

Don’t settle.


I love you all.


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