Grateful Monday

To combat the negative feelings Mondays seem to bring, I’ve decided to start Grateful Monday, where I list 5 things I’m grateful for. Here’s to happier Mondays!

1. Small towns  

Screen shot 2016-03-02 at 7.51.51 PM

This city girl still yearns sometimes to get away from the lights and the noise, to recharge in a place where time seems to stand still as soon as you arrive. There are plenty of small towns in Tennessee for when my heart and mind need a rest for a while. I’m thankful for the stillness, the smallness, the treasures of these places.

2. Springtime 

The weather is beautiful! Because it’s so warm, I’ve laced up my shoes and have started to run again. I’ve been running since the end of February and feel like my old, strong, sassy self again.

3. Beginning of Travel 

Screen shot 2016-03-02 at 7.52.28 PM

As I’ve previously stated, I do work in tourism. It’s a great job that let’s me travel . . . A LOT. My calendar is quickly filling up and I couldn’t be happier.

4. Bible 

My Bible is sitting next to me as I type. The edges are worn, there are highlighting and underlining of passages found all through the pages. I’ve had this Bible since my sophomore year of college. It’s been to a handful of countries and states. Wherever I’ve gone, the Word of God has been in my luggage. And it’ll continue that way.

5. Music 

Happy? Turn on some dance music. Sad? Pick out a heartbreaking song you can cry to (and then turn on dance music :)) Mad? Heavy metal is right there for ya. I’ve recently discovered my interest in having my friends share new artists and artists who’ve been around that I’ve just never listened to. It’s a constant learning and sampling experience I hope won’t ever end.

What are you grateful for this Monday?


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