The 3 things you should strive to be

I’ve been in the job force now for three years.

When I started in tourism, I didn’t know a soul and only knew a little about East Tennessee from taking family vacations since I was six years old and a bit about Nashville from living there during college.

In the three years of being in PR, there are three things you should strive to be. These things can (and should) be striven for in our personal lives as well, I think:

Be honest. 

Can’t meet a deadline on time because you’ve been stuck in meetings for the past three days? Let your client know and graciously ask for a deadline extension. Wanting to work with another company? Be up front with what you can offer. Make no empty promises and keep every promise you do make. Honesty is the best policy, as they say, and transparency is just as important.

Be consistent. 

If you grind out quality work on one project, try not to turn around and do shoddy work on the next. If you copyedit a document with a laser-sharp eye for grammar, do the same for each document that comes across your desk. In the first six months of me being consistent in editing and writing, I had inadvertently made a name for myself. A good name. A reliable name. It’s gone well with me and it will certainly go well with you.

Be genuine. 

Some people interpret this quality as an excuse to be fake because, if they were genuine, they would have a world of enemies. Others interpret being kind as just something to do to get something out of someone. Let me make something perfectly clear: People know when you are genuine and when you are putting on airs.

I’ve been called out once or twice by a good friend of mine who once said, “Amanda, you acted as if you didn’t even know me.” I apologized profusely to him and he (eventually) forgave me. From that point on, I made it a point to be genuine, authentic, real. I say and do what I want (legally, of course) with no fears of what other people will think. Some are put off by this; others absolutely love it.

Whoever you are inside, be true to you. Be genuine.

Just like that saying says, “Be you, everyone else is already taken.”


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