Grateful Monday

To combat the negative feelings Mondays seem to bring, I’ve decided to start Grateful Monday, where I list 5 things I’m grateful for. Here’s to happier Mondays!

1. Car — It may be 15 years old and has had more than $2k of work done in the first 18 months I got it, but I wouldn’t trade Elle for another car in the world. Until she decides her time is up and wants to go to that shiny garage in the sky, I will happily and lovingly drive her. (And she handles curves like a boss! I feel like I should be in a Fast & the Furious movie with her!)

years ago


2. Medicine — I usually take this one for granted way too much. Whenever I’m sick, I can just walk to Walgreens and get medicine, cough drops, go see a doctor via their walk-in clinic, etc. Many people don’t have access and view this as a luxury.

3. Police — Say what you will about officers, but they put their lives on the line every single day and night to make sure our streets remain safe. Respect, compliance and appreciation should always be our response to these first-responding officers.

4. Freedom — I can’t imagine my life under a regime or tyrannical dictator. How blessed I am to experience freedom to say, be, and do (legal things, obviously) what I please, when I please.

5. United States of America — We have our problems. Every country does. However, we are a blessed nation because, while we aren’t perfect, we are a nation under God Almighty. He has poured out His abundance on this nation so that we, who have been given so much will, in turn, give much.

Feel free to share YOUR 5 things below!


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