Grateful Monday

To combat the negative feelings Mondays seem to bring, I’ve decided to start Grateful Monday, where I list 5 things I’m grateful for.

1. Education — Even though I’m paying the hefty pricetag now, my education sharpened my skills and helped me land my job six months after graduation.


2. Bed — A warm bed to sleep in at night is a luxury I take for granted too many times.

3. Talents — It’s only through God’s grace I have any talent, but I’m thankful for what He gave me and am always thinking of how I can serve Him through them.

4. Shoes — Many people have to walk barefoot wherever they go. I’m humbly blessed to have the choice, and have a large selection.

5. Posibody — I’m thankful for you all. I’m thankful for you, reader. I’m thankful God has placed words in my heart and has provided a means to share those words. I just hope I continue to be useable for God.

Feel free to share YOUR 5 things below!


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