These resolutions may change your life

We all love a new year for a variety of reasons — fresh start, new resolve, leaving the past behind us, and, of course, starting new resolutions or goals.

Resolutions are a funny thing because we all have maybe two or three goals for the new year in the back of our minds or, if you’re like me, written down on paper. But, then the months tick off one by one, we get swept up in the same patterns we always have had, and the year wears off its new-ness.

My mom jokingly says each year, “My resolution is to not make resolutions.”

Instead of putting so much pressure on one year, her outlook is to make the most of each day.

I love her concept so much because it’s not about that 12-month block of time, it’s what you actually DO with it.

Having said that, yes, I did make resolutions. But my resolutions are not just for this year. I was in a reflective mood during my quiet time away from this blog and I’ve come back with these things I’d like to work on. Not just for 2016, but until the Lord brings me home.

These are resolutions I’ve made that, hopefully, change my life over the next 100 or so years I’m on this earth 😉

1. Release the pressure — I put a lot of pressure on myself at work, in relationships, in my spiritual walk. I’m learning what it means to truly live in grace and accept the fact I am human and am constantly learning.

2. It’s not about me — This is a large pill to swallow. I feed on approval and being accepted. I hate if there are negative thoughts swirling around about me and usually need reassurance that whatever someone is saying is not directed at me. For example: someone may say, “Ugh, I find it annoying when someone doesn’t hold the door open for other people. So rude!” I’ll respond with, “Oh my gosh! Do I do that?” The person then usually gives me a look and says, “No. Of course not.” So it’s safe to say I’m working on this.

3. Less screen time — I’m now the community manager for all of our social channels at work. That sounds fun, and it is, but it also means I’m on my phone ALL THE TIME. I’m finding just how exhausting it is. Putting my phone down and actually talking to people face-to-face, reading a book, or blogging for fun is more of how I want to spend my time.

4. Positive body talk — I’m critical of my body image. Ask any of my friends and they may hesitate just to be nice, but ultimately, would probably agree. I’m on a constant journey in loving myself (every single aspect of my body, personality, being). To accomplish this goal, I’ve decided to compliment one thing about myself that I like every morning. I’ve learned I can’t fully love others until I fully love myself.

5. Show grace — I’m a professed idealist. I’ve learned I have expectations on how situations should go (which also ties into the pressure I put on myself on the daily) and when they don’t go the way I want, or people don’t treat me the way I treat them, I get pissed. I get moody. I get rude. (Aren’t you just so glad you signed up for this blog?) God’s been dealing with this aspect of my human heart and He continually tells me: “Amanda, you need to treat others with the same grace I’ve shown you. You are not perfect, but I love you unconditionally. In the same way, love others unconditionally because those people aren’t perfect either.” Hear ya loud and clear, Lord.

What are your life resolutions?



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