Stunting your growth

I woke up this morning thinking about life.

There are many sayings floating around how it’s ‘so hard’ to be an adult. There’s this desire to revert back to when times were simpler, when all you had to worry about was coloring and naps.

But if we actually were able to travel back and stay in that time in our lives, what benefit would we receive?

We wouldn’t grow. We wouldn’t mature. We wouldn’t thicken our skin, square our shoulders and stare life in the eye and say, “No matter what you throw at me, I’m coming out stronger on the other side.”

Strength and bravery seem to have skipped my generation as a whole (not all).

You can lament that life is hard and it is. But it’s harder when you complain about it. It’s harder and more frustrating when you focus on the problem rather than what you can do to solve said problem.

All problems have solutions.

But if you spend your whole time wishing you were younger with fewer responsibilities, you miss out on what life is all about.

Life is messy.

It’s awkward, complicated, tragic.

Life hurts.

It stings.

Worries, fears, doubts in yourself and others happen. Disappointment can seem, at times, to be around every corner.


Life is beautiful.

It’s happy, joyful, peaceful.

Life builds character.

Through the hard times, you learn lessons and take those lessons from the failures and build your own success.

Going through difficulties and coming out better on the other side shows you that you CAN conquer anything. You can get through any tunnel and come into the light: wiser, braver, stronger.

Life ultimately makes you a better person each day, month and year you live it. It refines us, builds us and strengthens us.

So, I only have one question to those who still think it’s better to go back to ‘simpler’, ‘uncomplicated’ times:

Knowing life makes each of us more mature and stronger, why on earth would you even want to go back?




Featured image by Liz west


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