Here’s how to change your outlook

It’s common knowledge life isn’t a walk through the rose garden.

There are times when it throws some curveballs from endless bills to the challenges that come with wearing different hats throughout the day.

It’s easy to slip into a state of self-pity, where you close your eyes to the bustle around you and open your eyes to the long list of problems you face daily. Especially today with people’s filtered “perfect” lives are on display.

Sister, I get it.

The post-grad life is anything but easy, but there is a way to live life to the fullest (even if you DO eat Ramen for dinner every night).

Count your blessings

My mom told me a story around the time I was fresh out of college, desperate for a job, wondering why my life was just so hard. She said, “Amanda, open your eyes to what has already been given you.” She then told me about a time when my parents were young and struggling, when she didn’t know how they would make ends meet (but every month, they did. #Godsprovision). She said, “It would’ve been easy to slip into a ‘woe is me’ mentality. Instead, I decided to count my blessings. Heck, I would praise God for dirty dishes because it meant we ate that day.”

I try to tell myself: There are people who would do anything to have what you take for granted every day.

Go for a drive

Sometimes rolling the windows down, blaring some music and going 70 mph on the highway is the ticket to clearing your head and appreciating the life you’re living.


Save up your money and go somewhere new. Explore a place in your city you haven’t been. Go to a concert or festival, go to a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, check out that new boutique. Exploring new places in your home city will give you a new appreciation for the creativity that’s around you every day.

Get in nature

Not close to a city? Go take a hike. Forget social media and enjoy the peace and calm of nature. Scenery has a way of putting it all in perspective, as if to tell us “No matter what you’re going through, what problem you’re facing, life does move on.”

Hang out with friends

Surround yourself with people who love you. Share your struggles, your burdens. No one should carry on life alone. Friends have a way of lifting you up and encouraging you to press on when you need it most. So grab a cup of coffee with your best friend or go to dinner with your group of girlfriends. A bit of laughter, a dash of vivacity and a big dose of encouragement from your strong girlfriends may just be the ticket to get you into a positive state of mind.

The sound of silence

Silence your phone. Turn off the T.V. Sit in a comfy chair (or, like me, on the floor), close your eyes and breathe. Inhale and exhale. Let the silence flow over you and help get your mind calm. For me, if I feel overwhelmed, I’ll go into my closet, shut the door, and spend some time just sitting. I’ll let my mind wander and, yes, it does wander to my problems first; but the longer I sit there, the quieter and quieter my mind gets. Silence and focusing on your breathing is therapeutic and relaxing. You can solve any problem with a clear mind and a relaxed spirit.

Talk to seniors

You think your life is tough? Talk to an elderly person who lived through some of the biggest events in history we’ve ever had. They’ve seen (and sometimes have done) it all and are a great example of how the human spirit can survive anything. If they could get through those moments in life, you’ll find you certainly can, too. Besides, older people are a wellspring of wisdom most of the time. Why wouldn’t you want to talk to them?

How do you change your outlook? Let’s talk in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Here’s how to change your outlook

  1. we love this post bunches! we love to change our outlook by putting things in perspective and realizes everything we have to grateful for


    1. Yeah! There’s no time for doom and gloom when there’s breath in our lungs and unlimited opportunities to be a blessing in another’s life. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by! Y’all come back!



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