Floating through life

If you’re anyone who’s anyone (which is everyone), you have gone through or are going through or are about to go through an uncertain time in regards to your calling or the pursuit of your dreams.

When you’re just starting out, you’ve graduated college and are working at a job that may be what you want to do for a while or it may be a job that just pays the bills. There are good days and there are bad days, even when you have a decent job.

There are times when you feel like you’re floating through life, that your calling is somewhere further down the road and what you’re doing isn’t amounting to anything. You wonder if you even HAVE a calling, if your dreams will actually be realized, that your talents and passions will be exercised.

Maybe you’re in that time right now. Maybe you’re just holding on, your hope is but a flicker.

Can I encourage you, friend?

The fact is, you do have a calling. Your life is of utmost importance and purpose. Those dreams and desires stirring in you are there for a reason.

Don’t give up.

Don’t give up on your dreams, your passions, those topics that ignite your soul, making your eyes light up with the fire that you thought was long gone.





Find ways to get your passions exercised.

Join a non-profit.

Start a blog.

Make connections on social media with those in the industry in which you wish to thrive.

Talk to your superiors at work. Chances are there are opportunities they know about that you might not have known.

Take it from me.

One of my passions is social media. I told my boss and as soon as I began my job, the management of our Twitter page fell onto me. It wasn’t much, but I threw my all into it. I grew our following from 200 to more than 1700. I followed and created beneficial professional relationships with people in the same industry. I grew a friendship with my coworker who managed all the social media channels. Before too long, all the social media channels were handed over to me. I am now pursuing what I love and learning even more, becoming an expert in that passion. On top of that, I’m presenting about social media to my partners in the industry. Me! A girl who’s still considered “fresh out of college”. And this has all happened in just 2 years.

But, I never would have gotten here had I not made my passions known to my superiors.

If you don’t have supportive superiors, find other ways, other outlets to show that passion.

The point is, when you think outside the norm, when you actively pursue your passions, you stop floating and start fighting for the life you want.

Keep pushing.

Keep pursuing.

Your work will be rewarded. 


2 thoughts on “Floating through life

  1. Love the truth that you display in this post. I actually read this after posting my first blog. It’s so true what you said about dreaming, pursuing and making it happen. Being in my 20s I’ve been trying to discover how to utilize the time I’ve been gifted. It is so easy to get sucked into work and friendships and forgetting time to just sit in silence and dream!


    1. Truth is what I aim for on here! It’s so imperative to keep dreaming. Just because we’re adults, doesn’t mean dreaming is suddenly over. Once a dream is fulfilled, come up with another and another. Thanks for the comment, and I’ll be sure to check your blog out 🙂


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