Those kinds of dreams

I was 15 years old at the time.

My chores usually consisted of doing the laundry, which required me to hang the clothes out on the line outside. While it was a “chore,” it wasn’t really a chore for me.

Out there, on part of our 25 acres, a 15-year-old girl could sing Disney songs, Celtic medleys and think about her life, dreams, and character development.

I remember staring out toward the open fields sometimes barren, sometimes filled tall and thick with alfalfa. I would watch the clouds roll by or the crop blow gently in the breeze and think of how life would be like elsewhere.

My biggest dream was to travel, not to any specific countries. Just travel. But, at the time, it was a whimsical dream and there were many days I didn’t think that dream would come true.

When I fully committed my life to Christ, He changed my life in numerous ways, one of them involving travel.

I’ve been to El Salvador, Ireland, Honduras, and am currently typing this introspection in London, before that Wales, and tomorrow will be in Denmark for a bit. There’s the possibility of traveling to Paris and Germany next year, Sweden to see family the next. I’ve been to New York City, Atlanta, countless places in Tennessee, South Dakota, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maine, and North Carolina.

When I opened my life to Jesus, He took my dreams and RAN with them in the best ways possible. He’s made trips happen; when there seemed to be no way, He made a way.

I write all this to simply say this:

Don’t give up on your dreams, whatever they may be.

Be open to whatever life has for you.

Don’t talk yourself out of an experience that may be scary or uncertain.

Press on in full force.

Don’t hold back.

Give it all you have and if all you have isn’t enough, let God be God and He will make a way where there seems to be no way.

Whatever you do, do not — under any circumstances or opinions of others — let those dreams wither and die, because then a part of you will, too.

And we can’t have that, now can we?

What are your dreams that have been stirring inside you either for a day or for years? Let’s talk!


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