10 ways to get in a good mood

Life as a whole is pretty good: It’s summer. People are traveling, posting vacations on Instagram, loving those they love, driving with the windows down, and just enjoying the sunshine.

But what about those days where the Vitamin D has depleted and you want to bark at anyone who looks at you differently? What do you do to ensure you are always in a good mood no matter the situation in which you find yourself?

Here are 10 ways to either change your mood or keep your good mood going:

1) Listen/sing to your favorite song 

Feeling blue? Feeling good? Turn your life into an instant musical and play your favorite song to get you singing along. One of my friends once said: “When you sing, it means your heart is happy.” Can’t hold a note to save your life? Neither can I! But that doesn’t mean you can’t belt out that song like the next Whitney Houston. I usually just keep the windows rolled up 😉

2) Dance in the kitchen 

Whenever I cook, I always have music playing and dance. It always gets me in a good mood if I’ve had a lousy day. Once I stop dancing, I feel better and have a more positive outlook on my life.

3) Get in nature

Here in Nashville, we’re blessed to have some great green spaces. From Centennial Park to Radnor Lake, city folk can escape the concrete jungle for peace and serenity. Hearing the birds sing and breathing in the fresh air can make a difference in your mood. If there’s no escape of the concrete jungle, put on a nature sounds cd, close your eyes and imagine you are deep in a beautiful forest. Let peace and positivity change your mood.

4) Experience something new

Sometimes we become cognizant of life’s monotony. This can get us in a bad mood where we’re restless and discontent with our surroundings. This is when we need to find a new experience. Whether it’s a painting class, dining at a new restaurant, taking a new exercise class, or attending a fun event with friends, these experiences have a way of changing your outlook to see life isn’t all as mundane as it might seem, that beauty in the everyday can be found.

5) Get outta town!/Staycation

If your good mood has been soured because of stress or work pace, you may need to take that vacation time you’ve accumulated. Get out of town and into somewhere new where adventure awaits. Travel has a way of enriching (and saving) lives. You’ll meet new people, experience new things, and explore a different part of the world. If you don’t have funds to just vacate your town/city, take a staycation. Go to that art museum you’ve been meaning to visit; go to the zoo; go to a new restaurant; explore a place in town you’ve never explored. Not only will you begin to re-appreciate where you live, you’ll also feel as if you’ve treated yourself to a vacation.

6) Exercise

Not only does your body crave movement, when you exercise, you release endorphins that make you feel better. When you feel better, your mood turns better. When I’ve felt stressed or just plain moody, I’ll usually go for a run. I’ll come back glistening with a smile on my face. I cleared my head and did something positive for my body. If you hate running, go for a walk and keep walking until your mind is clear and you’re once again at peace. Another tip is to silence your phone after a walk. No need to clear your mind only to refill it with what you were trying to avoid. Take a vacation from your phone and rest in the peace and quiet of your surroundings.

7) Clean home = clean mind

I’ve found I feel chaotic if my apartment is chaotic with clothes, books, and things strewn everywhere. Once I clean up, do laundry, vacuum, and burn a candle or two, I find my mood changes. I feel a lot better about my life when there’s order and cleanliness. Maybe do the same! Then, flop on the couch with a good book and look around at your clean home, realizing that the physical clutter you cleared has also been cleared from your mind.

8) Make your favorite meal with friends

Good food + good people = good mood. Invite your girlfriends or dudes over for a cooking and/or grilling party. Laughs and fun will ensue. It’s a fun reminder that life is best when shared with friends.

9)  Take a nap

My pastor has said multiple times: “Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is take a nap.” How true is that?! When you find yourself dwelling on your problems, chances are you are just tired. When we are tired, our minds tend to bring up all that is wrong with our lives.This is when you should grab a pillow, get comfy on the couch or in bed, and just sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed and maybe even in a better mood. Also, can I just say how awesome it is to have a pastor who is pro-naps? So awesome.

10) Treat yourself

Get a massage, buy a cup of coffee, go window shopping, visit the local pound and play with puppies. Whatever a ‘treat’ looks like to you, go out and acquire it. Life should be filled with treats and treats always bring about good vibes.


11) A good mood starts with YOU

These things can help bring about a change in attitude. However, if you are not in a place where you desire a change, none of these things will work. Also, the ultimate change happens when we realize Jesus Christ is the only One who can give us eternal happiness. These things may bring about temporary happiness, but they will never fill that eternal void and desire for contentment and ultimate happiness.

What puts you in a good mood? Let’s talk!

*Feature image: Moyan Brenn


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