To be free

We recently commemorated Memorial Day, which got me thinking of freedom.

I think we can all agree freedom really isn’t free. In the United States’ case, men and women died in a number of wars over the years to protect our freedoms we hold dear.

In a personal case, you may have had to let go of a relationship or two, get a fresh start in a new town, break a habit, forgive yourself or another, learn a lesson, count your blessings. The list goes on and on.

My version of freedom came when I stopped trying to control my way to a romantic relationship. Ever since I was boy crazy (read: in 4th grade), I have been pining and trying to get some boy to like me. I’ve met some interesting characters this way and have gone through a lot of hurt because of it. In a positive note, though, I’ve learned lessons.

The biggest lesson is this: I can’t decide when romantic love comes into my life.

This year, I made a resolution to stay single for 2015. A few nights ago, I realized that while this resolution was made with the best of intentions: I wanted to focus on my relationship with Jesus Christ, learn to be my best friend, and learn to be grateful for this season of life, this was also another way of controlling my relationship status.

What if a guy came into my life today? To honor the resolution, I would demurely decline. However, I could be saying no to someone who could actually be MY someone!

A guy or two have come into my life, one new and one from my past, and I have beaten myself up for not keeping this resolution. That was all because they strolled into my life without MY say-so. They rattled my good-intention resolution and I as the Type-A girl I am, became frustrated and unhappy.

However, that night I realized the resolution actually was a version of my control habit, the happier I became because I let it go and embraced the freedom that “Whatever will happen, will happen.”

I now am open to anyone who may (or may not) come into my life. The freedom I’ve experienced brings joy, contentment, happiness, and, of course, an exciting positive outlook on my current life season.

How have you experienced freedom? What steps have you had to take to embrace freedom?

*Featured image by Kalyan Chakravarthy 


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