What Matters Most

While in front of the mirror I see

The imperfect reflection of me

The expectations of society

To be thin, clear skinned, to be pretty

If I’m not a size one, two, or three

It doesn’t matter if I feel happy

It only matters what “they” see

And what they see is what I see in that mirror

Not all days, but some, where I entertain the ideas I’m not good enough

Not tan enough, not thin enough, not tall enough

But not 20 seconds later, I shake my head and say,

“Enough is enough.”

Why would I listen to a society who speaks out of

both sides of their mouth?

A society who says “Love you for you”

But then turns around and says

“You’re lacking. Try this makeup hue.

Wear these clothes, try these shoes.

Be more like that model, that actress, that popular one

Diet, exercise, buy this, buy that, For the love of God, RUN!

Then you’ll be happy, you’ll be loved,

you’ll finally meet someone.”

A girl could go nuts if she listened to that smack

No matter what she does there’s always a lack:

Beauty, intelligence, popularity

All wrapped up in expectations of society

So it’s best if we all just back away from the media

The constant bombardment of “beauty” routine obedience

Clear our heads of the negativity and start living a life worth remembering

Not because of what we wore, how we looked, or how much we weighed

But how we loved, how we served, the kindness we displayed

Because at the end of the day, however many we live

what really matters isn’t what will eventually fade.

What really matters are the friends and those we helped along the way

Let society talk with its tongue in its cheek

True happiness is within and this is what we’ll seek

With all that we are and all that we possess

We can live lives that are full, free, and blessed.

*Featured image: Axel Naud 


2 thoughts on “What Matters Most

  1. This is beautiful…I just might read your post every morning as a motivator haha. I really struggle with self image. Thanks for sharing..I needed this today.


    1. YOU are beautiful. Every part, inside and out. The Bible says we are fearfully (respectfully) and wonderfully made by God. Hold onto that, remind yourself of that. I promise your perception of yourself will get better and better and better. I’m so happy this can help in any way to remind you that you are perfect just the way you are. Blessings ❤


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