Why spend time with God?

I spend time with the Lord.

I write out a prayer, a lot of times I say one out loud, read the chapter of the daily verse on my Bible app, and then read Billy Graham and another devotion that has a few Bible chapters to read a night. I go to church every Sunday.

Throughout the day, I listen to Christian music, catching myself lost in a song or a couple.

I run and workout to Christian music, too.

Why do I spend so much of my time with God? 

Because it’s all too easy to get swept up in the world: the gossip, latest and greatest, money, power, position, lust, lying, schemes of getting ahead no matter who you hurt, etc.

Those things can’t satisfy the way Jesus does. It’s just fact.

Those things leave me wanting more.

They leave me empty and alone.

And I’ve spent time chasing those things, a bit too much time if I’m being completely honest. There have been times I’ve heard God calling me to His word and I waved Him off, citing tiredness or busyness or just a lack of interest.

But, when I do spend time with God, when I answer His call to seclude myself with Him and His Word, there I find rest. There, I find satisfaction, peace, the burdens of the day lifted off.

I surrender my all to Him daily and I feel and know His love, which is always unfailing.

Every night I spend in the Bible, the next day will show me or teach me something I read the night before. Often, I’ll face something during the day and then read a verse or devotion that opens my eyes to see the situation or problem clearly.

I spend time with Him because I’ve never known a love like this.

A love so vast, so infinite, despite all the wrongs I’ve done, do, and will do because I’m flawed. This love that covers over a multitude of my screw-ups and casts them as far as the East is from the West.

Why would I spend my time with something that can’t satisfy me completely? Why wouldn’t I spend time with my God whose love is unmatched, who satisfies, who I know loves me, and is ALWAYS available?

Why wouldn’t I spend my time with my Savior who died for me and rose again? Why wouldn’t I connect with the Holy Spirit who intercedes on my behalf to the Lord and who translates my heavy sighs, groans, and feelings I just can’t put into words?

Why wouldn’t I give my time to the Everlasting Father, my King of Kings and Lord of Lords, my Source of life and peace?

If God Almighty, who made the heavens and the earth and everything in the earth, is willing and available to spend His time with me, I would be a fool not to take all the time in the world with Him, whether it’s talking to Him, reading His Word, or praising His Name for who He is.

The question isn’t “Why spend time with God?”.

The better question is, “Why not?”

*Feature image by Teri Lynne Underwood 


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