10 Unanswered Questions from Millenials

My friends (Hannah & Annalise) and I have long discussions on why the world functions the way it does. Here are some of the questions we still have unanswered:

1) What is the definition of “having your life together”?

2) Why are the accomplishments of someone reduced to his/her sex, age, skin color, body type?

3) Why am I judged on who I am as a person based on where I am in a career?

4) Why is dating/marriage touted to 20-somethings when this is also said to be the time we experience the most change emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically?

5) Why are my taxes and insurance costs more expensive just because I am young and single?

6) Why is gay marriage still an “issue”?

7) Why do I get a refund every year from being over-taxed? Why are more taxes taken out anyway?

8) Why do I have to be punished with jury duty because someone else acted out and broke the law?

9) Why are banks allowed to make 9% interest on a student? And, if it’s because it’s a “business”, why were they bailed out? Any other business in capitalism, if it fails, it fails.

10) Why are we charged for WiFi when the Internet is free?


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