Challenge of the Month: Situp challenge

I woke up feeling a bit lumpy like those Thanksgiving mashed potatoes I had a couple days ago.

Stepped on the scale and I actually LOST 3 lbs after having three Thanksgiving meals back-to-back. Don’t ask me how it happened.

Now, I’m the type of person who LOVES exercise routines. Honestly, I do. I love running because when I sweat, I feel like a goddess. When I do a program, I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Not only am I transforming and toning my body, I’m transforming my mindset about my body. It’s a self-esteem boost for sure.

When I stumbled upon @therealmiamazin‘s Twitter page and saw that she posted a 6-week Sit-Up Challenge, I got really excited.

There are two challenges you can do. The first, 40 sit ups a day for a week and then adding 15 to each set for a total of 115 per day by the 6-week mark OR BodyMorphology which is 50 sit ups for the first week and then adding 25 to each set per day until you get up to 175 per day by the 6-week mark.

Always being that girl who challenges herself, I’m going for the BodyMorphology version and will make this my Challenge of the Month.

Let me know if you participate, too. We can share progress and be sit-up sisters!


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