Monday Realness: So you’re single. So what?

Who cares if you’re single?

Honestly, in the whole scheme of life, does it matter if you’re dating someone or not? Does it alter your life significantly in any way?

No. It’s just a fact. You’re single.

And if someone (like a relative) asks you if you are, does your answer alter THEIR life?

No, because it’s just a fact.

So all these articles about “Wah wah wah why am I single?” and “Boo frickity hoo all my friends are engaged” are just a load of whiney bull crap. You can’t force something like love to happen.

It just happens.

So save yourself the time and energy of thinking about your relationship status and focus on changing the quality of life for other people. Because let’s be real: Yes, there are a lot of single people, but there are also a ton of people hurting who need love and healing.


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