Admitting Weakness

There’s a weaving thread in our society that’s projected on our social media, TV screens, billboards, all forms of media. You must be strong. Strength is best. And, if you’re not strong, by golly, we’ll stuff an inspirational post in your face and tell you to be happy – complete with a furry animal or … More Admitting Weakness

Monday Motivation

As we start another week: How are you feeling? Accomplished, content, peaceful, hurried, stressed? Are you feeling the weight of comparison as you scroll through other’s social media pages and think about that brunch conversation you had with friends, as they shared their highlights? Let’s start this week fresh: Maybe if you’re feeling a bit … More Monday Motivation

January Book Club

If you remember a month or so ago, I shared my resolutions – one of which being to read 1 book a month in 2018. Resolutions usually feel so daunting, but this one has been such a refreshing activity. I immediately selected 12 books and am quickly going through them. I may need book suggestions … More January Book Club